• PLLs and frequency modulation measure jitter, time interval error and settling time
  • Ultrasonic and radar pulse timing
  • Optical and magnetic disk drive measure jitter and bit timing directly
  • PCI Express and other high speed serial interfaces measure jitter and skew
  • Oscillators and crystals measure start-up time and Time Interval Error
  • Pulse width modulated signals measure variations over time
  • Nuclear physics
  • Time stamping of events in real time

PDF Icon  Application note: Clock Chip and Oscillator Testing
PDF Icon  Application note: Frequency Reference Comparison
News and Events

NI Week 2014:

IDT Uses Carmel Products in National Instruments' Tester

Since 2012, Carmel Instruments has worked closely with National Instruments to support precision time and frequency measurement applications on NI’s new semiconductor tester. National Instruments introduced this PXI-based tester at NI Week 2014. The video above is from the Keynote presentation in which IDT presented its application which uses four BI221 Time Interval Analyzers and four BI302 Electronic Multiplexers to provide 64 channels with picosecond level timing accuracies.

IDT Case Study by National Instruments
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