• Fully Electronic Multiplexers (No Relays)
  • 9 Channels (BI301) or 18 Channels (BI302)
  • Each 9-Channel Set Consists of One 9:1 or Two 5:1 Multiplexers
  • DC to 5 GHz Frequency Range
  • Single-Ended or Differential Inputs (Factory-Set)
  • Comparator Inputs with Programmable Thresholds and Termination Voltages
  • Differential Outputs Drive 50 Ohm Loads to Ground
  • PXI Interface – Single Slot (Legacy or Hybrid)

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Unique Comparator Inputs

The BI301/BI302 are 9/18-Channel electronic MUXs with comparator inputs. The inputs can be defined to be single-ended or differential, and have programmable threshold levels and termination voltages. The input signals can be square waves or any other waveform. The output edges are based on the threshold crossings of the input signal.

These multiplexers are specifically designed for the highest performance, with very low added jitter. The operating frequency range is DC to 3.5 GHz with full output amplitude of 500 mV, and 5 GHz with reduced amplitude of 200 mV.

The simplified block diagram shows the structure of a 9 channel MUX. The BI301 consists of one 9-channel MUX, while the BI302 has two completely independent 9-channel MUXs. Both models occupy only one PXI slot (legacy or hybrid).

Each channel pair is two single ended channels, or one differential channel. The configuration is set in the factory as ordered. You can order any combination of single ended or differential pairs. Note that a differential pair can still be used with single ended signals if the other input is disconnected. The Vt of the unused side becomes the threshold. The 9th channel (Ch-8) is single ended only and it connects to both 5:1 MUXs. It can be used as a reference channel since any channel can be measured against it.

The outputs from each of the MUXs (A, B, and C) are differential but you can use one side only with other single ended instruments. All input and output connectors are SMP type, compatible with cables ranging from 0.047” to 0.100” diameter.

Full-Featured Instruments

The inputs of the BI301/BI302 include programmable termina¬tion voltages. This feature is seldom found even in the best of the bench-top instruments. Each input signal is terminated by a 50 ohm load to an accurately programmable voltage between 2.0 V and +3.0 V. This allows you to connect ECL, PECL, or CML sources directly to the instruments with the proper loading and without level shifting.

Easy to Use Software

The software for the BI301/BI302 is designed for ease of use and extremely high performance. The driver software (Windows and Linux) is designed for high throughput operations. Calibration software is also included.


  • Clocks and oscillators
  • Signal selection for increasing channel count in test systems
  • Level detection and conversion of signals to square waves
  • Switching and multiplexing of high speed serial signals

BI301 Multiplexer

BI302 Multiplexer

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