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  • 50 MHz to 32 GHz
  • Ultra-Low Phase Noise (-124 dBc/Hz at 10 GHz, 10 kHz offset)
  • 50 microsecond switching time (full range)
  • PXIe instruments
  • Down- up-conversion to extend frequency of existing instruments
  • A/D and D/A clocks in test systems

These microwave synthesizers generate frequencies from 50 MHz to 32 GHz with astonishingly low phase noise. They are ideal as replacements for expensive RF instruments in test systems for use as system clocks, local oscillators for reciever systems and for extending the frequency range of other instruments for 5G applications. Switching speed is as fast as 50 microseconds and the frequency resolution can be as low as 0.001 Hz.   More...

  • All the functions of frequency counters and more
  • Ultra-fast time measurements of pulse trains and dynamic frequency changes – up to 20 million measurements per second, each with picosecond resolution
  • Modular instruments provide high throughput – results are available in less than 50 microseconds from the start command for short duration measurements
  • 10 measurement functions - Frequency, Pulse Width, Time Interval, and more
  • PXI/PXIe and PCI/PCIe formats
  • Great for automated test systems and general lab use

TIAs are ultra high performance time and frequency measurement instruments. Their high resolution and throughput, combined with continuous measurement capability, allow you to make measurements that are not possible with traditional time-interval counters. You can analyze the dynamic variations in pulse timing, pulsewidth, or frequency. The difference between true TIAs and traditional counter/timers is analogous to the difference between voltmeters and scopes.   More...

  • 1µHz to 4.1GHz Square Wave, Plus DC
  • Ultra-Low Phase Noise and Jitter (<0.3ps)
  • Spur-free Phase Noise at All Frequencies
  • Practically Perfect™ 20-Digit Frequency Resolution
  • Great value

Clock and Frequency Generators with extremely accurate and stable square wave clock signals at up to 4.1GHz. You can set the frequency with an unmatched resolution of 20 digits, and the jitter is below 0.3ps regardless of the frequency. If what you need is a clock, square waves are superior to sinewaves, especially at lower frequencies. For example, a 1.6V peak-to-peak 10MHz sinewave has a slew rate of only 50 V/µs. The square wave from these clock generators has a slew rate of 10,000 V/µs. This slew rate is constant, even at extremely low frequencies.   More...

  • Fully electronic switching to 5 GHz (no relays)
  • 9 or 18 channels in a single PXI slot
  • Single ended or differential
  • Comparator inputs with programmable levels
  • Preserve picosecond timing accuracy

Multiplexers allow you to expand to a large number of channels for selecting high speed signals for measurement by a veriety of instruments including time interval analyzers and oscilloscopes.   More...

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NK420 and NK430 Microwave Synthesizers

NK732 Counter / Time Interval Analyzer

BI201 Counter / Time Interval Analyzer

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BI302 Electronic Multiplexer

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